Crossplane Popsicle Truck

Crossplane is an open source Kubernetes extension that transforms your Kubernetes cluster into a universal control plane.

Crossplane lets you manage anything, anywhere, all through standard Kubernetes APIs. Crossplane can even let you order a pizza directly from Kubernetes. If it has an API, Crossplane can connect to it.

With Crossplane, platform teams can create new abstractions and custom APIs with the full power of Kubernetes policies, namespaces, role based access controls and more. Crossplane brings all your non-Kubernetes resources under one roof.

Custom APIs, created by platform teams, allow security and compliance enforcement across resources or clouds, without exposing any complexity to the developers. A single API call can create multiple resources, in multiple clouds and use Kubernetes as the control plane for everything.


What’s a control plane?

Control planes create and manage the lifecycle of resources. Control planes constantly check that the intended resources exist, report when the intended state doesn’t match reality and act to make things right.

Crossplane extends the Kubernetes control plane to be a universal control plane to check, report and act on any resource, anywhere.

Get started

Crossplane is a Cloud Native Compute Foundation project.