Using self-signed certificates is not advised in production, it is recommended to only use self-signed certificates for testing.

When Crossplane loads Configuration and Provider Packages from private registries, it must be configured to trust the CA and Intermediate certs.

Crossplane needs to be installed via the Helm chart with the and registryCaBundleConfig.key parameters defined. See Install Crossplane.


  1. Create a CA Bundle (A file containing your Root and Intermediate certificates in a specific order). This can be done with any text editor or from the command line, so long as the resulting file contains all required crt files in the proper order. In many cases, this will be either a single self-signed Root CA crt file, or an Intermediate crt and Root crt file. The order of the crt files should be from lowest to highest in signing order. For example, if you have a chain of two certificates below your Root certificate, you place the bottom level Intermediate cert at the beginning of the file, then the Intermediate cert that singed that cert, then the Root cert that signed that cert.

  2. Save the files as [yourdomain].ca-bundle.

  3. Create a Kubernetes ConfigMap in your Crossplane system namespace:

kubectl -n [Crossplane system namespace] create cm ca-bundle-config \
  1. Set the Helm chart parameter to ca-bundle-config and the registryCaBundleConfig.key parameter to ca-bundle.

Providing Helm with parameter values is convered in the Helm docs, Helm install. An example block
in an override.yaml file would look like this:

    name: ca-bundle-config
    key: ca-bundle