Configuring Crossplane with Argo CD

Argo CD and Crossplane are a great combination. Argo CD provides GitOps while Crossplane turns any Kubernetes cluster into a Universal Control Plane for all of your resources. There are configuration details required in order for the two to work together properly. This doc will help you understand these requirements. It is recommended to use

Argo CD version 2.4.8 or later with Crossplane.

Argo CD synchronizes Kubernetes resource manifests stored in a Git repository with those running in a Kubernetes cluster (GitOps). There are different ways to configure

how Argo CD tracks resources. With Crossplane, you need to configure Argo CD to use Annotation based resource tracking. See the Argo CD docs for additional detail.

Configuring Argo CD with Crossplane

To configure Argo CD for Annotation resource tracking, edit the argocd-cm

ConfigMap in the argocd Namespace. Add application.resourceTrackingMethod: annotation

to the data section as below:

2apiVersion: v1
4  application.resourceTrackingMethod: annotation
5kind: ConfigMap

On the next Argo CD sync, Crossplane Claims and Composite Resources will

be considered synchronized and will not trigger auto-pruning.